Metabolic training: Is it right for you?


Set #1:

  • Stationary Lunges with medicine ball (MB) twist. Works: Legs, glutes, core, anterior shoulders
  • Wood Chop squat with MB. Works hamstrings, upper/lower back, posterior shoulders
  • Push-up on MB with single leg abduction. Works chest, core, hips, & balance
Set #2:
  • Kettle Bell (KB) Single leg squat with bicep curl to shoulder press. Works legs, glutes, biceps, shoulders & triceps
  • Side plank with KB pullover. Works legs, core, shoulders, balance
  • Single leg ab V-up with Kettle Bell raise. Works abs, arms, shoulders, quads
Metabolic Training:

Multi-muscular exercises that are done in a super-set fashion. This means taking 2-3 exercises and circuiting through them 2-3 times for 10 reps each to keep the body moving and the heart rate up. This works more muscles and burns more calories.

About DeAnn Teixeira:

She has been a personal trainer for 11 years now and has a B.S. degree in Sports Nutrition. For the past 9 years, she has been a trainer at Pacific Athletic Club, as well as the Boot Camp Instructor.

In addition, she has her own company, Kamp Fitness that hosts TRX Suspension classes and The Shape-Up Challenge.

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