Stanford's Toby Gerhart could win Heisman


Stanford running back Gerhart has had quite a season. He leads the nation with 1,736 yards rushing and 26 touchdowns. When his name was announced on Monday as a finalist for the Heisman, his teammates shared the joy.

"When Tim Brown, he was the one doing it, was asked who he'd pick and he said Toby and everyone went crazy, chest bumping and high-fiving, and then it was short lived because I had to go take a final," said Gerhart.

Gerhart was asked about his family's reaction.

"Their super excited. Mom's more stressed than me right now, trying to get everything together in terms of travel," said Gerhart.

Between school finals and travel arrangements he was asked if he has allowed himself to think about possibly winning the Heisman.

"If I do win it, I'll be speechless. It will be, by far, the greatest moment of my life," said Gerhart.

His wardrobe was lacking so Gerhart had to go buy a new suit and his 1,500 Facebook friends could reach 3,300 once he confirms.

When asked how many of those new friends are agents, Gerhart replied, "A dozen or more. I don't accept them. They'll remain unconfirmed for a long time."

Gerhart refused to speculate on his future at Stanford, but winning the Heisman trophy could propel him straight to the NFL.

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