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Pregnancy and Mom Magazines and toy list:

Cahootie $5.95
>> Buy this toy on Amazon: Cahootie Wishes & Dreams Game

Disney Princess Tiana $24.50
>> Website:

UberStix Pirate Ship $19.95
>> Website:

Fashion Angels Silk Screen Fashion Design Set $27.99
>> Buy this toy on Amazon: Fashion Angels Project Runway Silk Screen Designer

Monopoly City $34.99
>> Website:

Tier Toys Stackers Noah's Ark $49.99
>> Buy this toy on Amazon: Tier Toys Animal Stackers - Noah's Ark Set

American Girl Rebecca Rubin Doll $174.99
>> Buy this toy on Amazon: American Girl Rebecca Rubin Doll & Paperback Book

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Toy Cleaning Tips from

Dust, dirt and grime live in the playroom, everyday. Use only all-natural non-chemical cleaner sprays to rid toys of germs.

To clean plush toys--check the label and if they are washing machine safe, use a non-bleach detergent (natural detergent free of phosphates and artificial fragrance is best). You can also freeze stuffed toys in a Ziploc overnight. This will kill bugs.

Keep toy storage clean- wipe out bins, toy boxes, and toy shelves often.

To clean plastic, wood, foam and aluminum toys, The new Toy Tips Toy Cleaner is an all-natural, non-chemical way to clean toys that was developed by Marianne Szymanski, founder of the Toy Tips Research Institute who has been professionally testing toys for close to 20 years.

"Think of all those tiny little hands holding, squeezing and loving their toys. Now think of how often they are washed and cleaned after use, rarely," says Marianne Szymanski. Made without alcohol, bleach, dyes, artificial fragrances or phosphates, Toy Tips Toy Cleaner is a pure all-natural solution to gently clean dirt, dust and grime that builds up on children's toys. It's available online:

>> Buy this product on Amazon: Toy Tips Toy Cleaner

Alternatives to the Toy Tips Toy Cleaner:

  • Aluminum Toys - Never use a product with baking soda.
  • Foam - Use soap and water.
  • Wood Toys - These are delicate. Dust first and use a non- bleach product.
  • Plastic - Avoid cleaners with Orange Oil. Avoid cleaners with artificial fragrances for children with allergies.
About Abigail Tuller:

Abigail Tuller has 19 years of editorial experience ranging from music to sports and fitness and now parenting. She has been the editor in chief of Pregnancy magazine since February 2006 and is thrilled to have just sent to print the premier issue of Mom magazine.

She and her husband are happy parents of two active boys, Mason, 6, and Rex, 4. She lives with her family in San Francisco.

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