H1N1 vaccine available for all Contra Costa residents


Not everyone at a Contra Costa County flu shot clinic was happy about getting a shot, but there were definitely some people who were relieved to finally get their /*H1N1*/ vaccine.

"We've been trying for about two months to get the vaccine and haven't been able to," Martinez parent Margee Curran said.

The shots had been limited to pregnant women, adults with chronic illness, kids and people with children under six months old. Monday, Contra Costa health officials lifted those rules.

"The vaccine hasn't been flowing as quickly as everyone would like," Contra Costa County spokesperson Erica Jensen said.

It was the first time the doors at the Martinez clinic were open to anyone who wanted a H1N flu shot. The shots are free.

"There is enough vaccine flowing now and in order to get as many people as protected before the holidays and before the end of the year," Jensen said.

For those who have been waiting it is a relief to finally get one.

"A lot of my friends have been getting H1N1 and they've been out of school for like two weeks, so i don't want to miss any school," Hope Curran said.

And there is less reason to worry anyone else will have to miss school or work for that matter, so long as vaccine continues to arrive at its current pace. County health officials say they are confident there is plenty of H1N1 vaccine to meet the demand. They say anyone who wants a shot should now be able to get one.

Still, they are particularly concerned about children who have only received one of the two required doses of the vaccine.

"All kids under 10 need to have two doses, so I know some have gotten their first doses and we want to make sure that those kids are well protected so they need to come back for that second dose," Jensen said.

Written and produced by Ken Miguel

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