Man presumed drowned after jumping into creek

January 20, 2010 7:17:18 PM PST
Despite the efforts of rescue units from Campbell and San Jose, a man appears to have drowned after he jumped into San Tomas Aquinas Creek Wednesday morning. It was not clear why the man jumped into the water in Campbell as police approached him.

Reports of witnesses seeing the man's head bobbing in the water prompted San Jose firefighters to stretch a rope across the creek at Williams Avenue, about three miles downstream from Campbell. It would have been a last opportunity for the man to grab a lifeline before he would have struck a structure designed to break up debris. From there, the storm water goes into an underground pipe towards San Francisco Bay.

The creek has been turned into a major South Bay drainage canal and the water was moving at an estimated 10-15 mph after heavy rains pelted the area all morning. Concrete sides would have made it impossible for the man to climb out of the water.