Robert Jones

Founder, EPA Can Do

Founder, EPA Can Do
February 18, 2010 1:32:46 PM PST
Robert Jones was born to John and Odessa Jones in Warren, Arkansas along with six other sisters and three brothers. Robert attended Warren Elementary School, which was a all black elementary school.

In 1962, Robert and his mother and one sister relocated to California to be with his father in South Central California, where they took residence for a period of 3 months. A year later Robert and his family moved to Pasadena, California; there he attended Washington Junior High and John Muir High School. While in high school Robert participated in numerous sports (basketball, football, track). After graduation from Muir high school, Robert moved to Los Angels to attend Los Angeles City College where obtained an Associate of Arts degree in Interior Design. After graduating Robert began to assess his career path to determine if really wanted to pursue a professional career as an Interior Designer. Coming from a background where service and serving was a part of every day living. Robert's mother was a domestic service work and his father was lumber mill work and a mason and both were committed servants of God and their church. With much thought and consideration, following graduation Robert made a career change. Robert enrolled into San Jose State University in the spring of 1971, where he earned a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Master Degree in Counselor Education with a Pupil Personnel Service Credential. Robert has held various jobs related to the field of counseling from working with emotional disturbed children to, counseling and directing youth and adults in career/vocational decision making.

Mr. Jones has extensive experience in housing as a professional and a volunteer. He is one of the founders of EPA CAN DO, and has served on the board for nine years. In addition, he has served on the board of OICW, a local job-training program serving East Palo Alto. Prior to this reunification with EPA CAN DO, Mr. Jones was a Project Developer for Eden Housing, Inc. for five years and was the recipient of a fellowship from the Non-profit Housing Association of Northern California, which required spending eighteen months learning the technical aspect of affordable housing development. This training, combined with his previous work experience as an independent real estate agent for Coldwell Banker, Century 21 and Adger Realty has equipped him with the practice experience of buying and selling real estate, developing newly constructed single family homes, as well as, multi-family apartments. His tenure with Eden housing prepared Mr. Jones for his new leadership role within EPA CAN DO. Mr. Jones, has also been expediential in helping the City of East Palo Alto develop it's below market rate housing program, where he managed it for five years. Mr. Jones also, developed the EPA CAN DO Community Homeownership Preservation Program where the goal is to assist existing homeowners stay in their home through two major components:

  • Foreclosure intervention counseling and
  • Providing Foreclosure Prevention Educational Workshops

    Robert has been a representative on many board committee's ranging from: Anti-drug Committees, Street Improvements, Childcare, Environmental Protection and Development, Economic Development, Housing Development Task Forces, just to name a few. Currently, Robert sits on the East Palo Alto Senior Center, Inc board of director. Also, Mr. Jones has participated in many activities that were geared in improving and enhancing the community in East Palo Alto.