Frightening fall no obstacle for horseback fundraiser


Richard and Jeanette McGrath were in the hills above George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch when their pack horse got spooked and lost its footing.

Then so did Richard's horse. He and the horse fell about 75 feet, while the pack horse was rolling over and over, its hoofs in the air as it fell 150 feet.

"It's all kind of a blur at that point, it happened real fast," Richard said.

Jennifer says she watched in horror as they went over the side. She was afraid she might wind up having a funeral service for her husband and the animals.

"The last thing I saw was my husband hanging upside down from his horse...I thought for sure I wouild be burrying my husband," Jeanette said.

Happily, everyone survived.

Richard had been shooting video when the fall began. Still gripping the camera as he was falling, he apparently he hit the start button so there is video of the fall.

The couple plans to ride the American Discovery Trail to complete their trip to Delaware. It is a bit more than 5,000 miles and it will take them 11-13 months.

They are raising money for the Hearts Up Ranch in Jackson Hole. It is a place they want to establish for people who have been emotionally traumatized. Jeanette says a place where they can experience adventure, and that can be life changing.

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