5 ways to get your child to love reading

  1. First explain to your child what books are and how to use the them. Point to each word as you read, and make picture and word flash cards to show your child. Praise your child, and make reading fun.

  2. Teach your child nursery rhymes and songs, and get other family members involved in the activities. So children can hear and learn language with sounds and words. The more they hear in this regard the more they will comprehend.

  3. Make a special place for your child's books so your child can choose a book for reading and return it to its place. Let your child see you read, and demonstrate that reading is part of everyday life.

  4. Start a neighborhood reading club where children can share books and engage in book related activities, such as story-telling and play-acting.

  5. When your child asks questions, give short answers that the child can understand. Take your child to interesting places; then talk about what the child has seen and learned. Reinforce the learning with books, coloring books, or your own drawing.
About Rima Corral:

Rima Corral is currently producer and creator of a children's television program, "Rima, Fuego and the Children," which airs on Houston PBS and nationally.

Rima is an Early Childhood Educator with 25 years experience. She has a degree in Music and General Education and has several certifications. She is fluent in English and Spanish. This is her first book for children. She lives in Houston, Texas with her husband and family.

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