Is it a boy or a girl?

Managing Gender Expectations:

  • When: Most people find out the sex of their baby at their ultrasound around 18-24 weeks.

  • Why: Finding out early lets you begin to bond with your baby, especially if you have a preference in gender.

  • What if: If you are disappointed, go ahead and admit it to yourself and your partner and know that it will pass with time. Don't feel guilty about your feelings; allow yourself to be human. Try to look beyond the disappointment and see where your opinions about boys or girls are coming from -- bad family relationships, out of control boy cousins, the fact that you were a tomboy.

  • Dealing with others: When you get the comments from family and friends, try to let them roll right off your back, consider it practice for parenting. Conserve energy for things that really matter.

  • How: Realize that your child will grow up in an environment that you create and you're not doomed to the exact same experiences.
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