Women's football team starts up in Fremont


The Bay Area Bandits are a new addition to the International Women's Football League which has 51 teams around the nation. The players pay $600 in dues to join and it is a chance to try something that was not available to them growing up.

"They understand they're a different breed of athlete and they want something more. There's a lot of players that just don't have the courage to come out and play tackle football," says Bay Area Bandits coach Tony Macon.

Most of these women have competed in other sports.

"Football -- doesn't matter what your age is, size, height or weight, there's a position for everyone," says Bandits tight end Danielle Golay.

The biggest fear for these athletes is the contact involved.

"They have to get over the fear of hitting somebody," says Bandits safety Rosaria Delcuore.

"Yeah women hit, I've seen some stars a few times that's for sure. We go out and play just as hard, we want it just as bad as everybody else," says Bandits receiver Jennifer Romanini.

The level of play is about the same as a small high school team, but these pioneers want to change that notion.

"When we were young, there were no women football players, no role models. So I hope that we're sending the message that if girls want to play football, that they can," says Bandits quarterback Sandra Hernandez.

"No matter what anybody says or what anybody thinks, if you put your mind to it, you can do it, you can be successful, and have an amazing experience," says Romanini.

The Bandits will play eight games with their home stadium at Washington High School in Fremont. They kick off their season Saturday in Sacramento.

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