Increase in high-profile Muni accidents


One person was sent to the hospital on Wednesday morning after a bus and a truck collided at 12th Avenue and California Street.

Michael Page says he's used to seeing Muni mishaps.

"They scare me. Several have happened at this intersection here and on San Bruno," he said.

The accident Page is referring to occurred last month in Potrero Hill when a 10-Townsend bus driver had his head down while driving and crashed into a parked truck at 25th and Dakota streets.

"That's not something they should do. Clearly, they're paid to drive and that means keeping your eye on the road," Muni spokesperson Murray Bond said.

The driver, an 11-year veteran, was the only one on the bus. An investigation is underway.

There's also a probe of a serious accident that happened on Tuesday afternoon at 2nd and Market streets. An F Light Rail crashed into a /*Muni*/ bus which then hit a car and five people were taken to the hospital.

It may be hard to believe, but San Francisco Supervisor Bevan Dufty says the system's safety record is actually improving.

"Our bus collisions are down 16 percent. Our rail collisions are down 40 percent. The numbers look good, but unfortunately you're only as good as your last day's service," he said.

One passenger was sympathetic to the drivers; both of his parents work for Muni.

"Accidents do happen all the time. You can't always blame the bus drivers because they have a lot of people to deal with all the time," Muni rider Jerrell Wills.

The driver's union failed to return ABC7's calls.

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