Girl attacked by two 12-year-olds on Muni


The Angel Davis says while her 14-year-old daughter was being beaten up, the driver kept on driving the train and he never called for help or asked if she was OK.

"She had grabbed me by my hair," says the 14-year-old girl.

The 14-year-old eighth grader says she was jumped on a Muni train after school on Tuesday by two girls. One boy videoed the attack, but no one tried to help.

"I was scared, but at the same time, I got brave and took it and did what I had to do to defend myself," says the girl.

The girl and her mother are worried about retaliation and wanted the girl's identity protected, but they also want to get their story out.

"My daughter was attacked in the front of the bus where the driver was. The driver didn't call, the driver didn't say anything, the driver didn't ask her was she OK, the driver didn't do anything," says Davis.

"I think she deserves to be upset," says Muni spokesperson Murray Bond.

Muni is still waiting to see the police report, so officials don't know the whole story yet. However, at this point they are making no excuses for the driver.

"We are very sorry there wasn't a quick response because it should have been reported immediately," says Bond.

It happened on the Muni K-Line on Ocean Avenue. Police have arrested the two 12-year-old girls. They are hoping the Muni cameras caught the attack.

"We have to find out specifically which coach and which line and at exactly what time she was on that coach so we can pull the video," said San Francisco Police Officer Samson Chan.

The victim says the girls attacked her because of where she lives. They were trying to get back at her part of town for a past attack on their turf.

"And I'm not really from there. They had heard I was from there," says the girl.

Administrators at Aptos Middle School have suspended the two suspects and they will take steps to expel them.

Muni is also taking steps to try to strengthen security on its trains and busses and that's exactly what the 14-year-old girl hopes to see.

"I think the city needs to man up a little bit and handle this because at this point, there's a lot of things going around on the trains and it just seems like they ain't got no control over it," says the girl.

Physically, the girl is OK, but her mom says she is now scared to go to school. As for the video a witness took of the attack, the victim's mom says the school confiscated it and handed it over to police who booked it into evidence.

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