Exercises for the perfect swimsuit body


  • Always warm up before performing Functional Beauty exercises.

  • These are only a few movements that compose the Functional Beauty routine. Each movement potentially targets all the muscles in the body, especially the core, arms, and lower body muscles.

  • All movements must be performed with abdominal and bottom muscles contracted and in a smooth, rhythmic manner.

  • Breathe during each exercise and exhale during the final extension.

Side lunge with low reach:
  • Targets core, upper and lower body.
  • With a weight bar or other object (dumbbell, kettle ball), step to the side and reach with one hand then other, left then right.
Side lunge with a torso twist:
  • Targets core and inner thigh as well as lower body.
  • Start with feet together.
  • Step to side as you twist to reaching behind you.
Waist whittler:
  • Targets abs, waist, arms, and bottom.
  • Holding any wide object such as a hula hoop, crouch and reach forward.
  • Stand up and gently bend to the side as you step back.
Wide stance squat with twist:
  • Targets upper body and thighs.
  • With feet shoulder width apart, squat while reaching to side of the foot.
  • Slowly stand while reaching over head and twisting to the opposite side.
Deep Squat:
  • Targets bottom, quadriceps- lifts & separates for that "Brazil butt" look.
  • Start with feet hip-width apart, holding small weights (optional). Pretend you're sitting in a little baby chair, and try to squat while leaning forward with your chest out. Squat as low as you can without losing your balance. On the way up, squeeze your buttocks and tuck under.
About Dede Tabor:

Dede is a personal trainer at the Bay Club Marin.

To learn more about her workout routines, go to www.dedebilt.com or call (510) 846-5695

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