Sinkhole crews in Richmond working to beat rain


40x60-foot, 20-foot deep sinkholes do not just disappear. They have to be managed.

By Monday morning, the sinkhole was not as deep as it was previously. On Saturday, crews excavated the first of two parked cars that fell into the hole when it appeared Thursday night.

Where car number two is, and if there is even a car number two, remains a mystery. The owner of the car told ABC7 that the car is definitely down there, but crews have dug 20 feet down and found nothing.

A temporary road has been built which allows the residents of around 100 nearby homes to get in and out of the neighborhood. It has only one lane, but traffic is still much better than it was over the weekend when people were stranded without access. There is talk of putting in another road somewhere near the sinkhole.

Crews are worried about losing some of the progress they have made due to the coming rain. Officials say crews will be at the site all day compacting soil and trying to make sure all their work does not wash away.

Real repairs will come later, as will an investigation into the cause of the sinkhole, and a possible dig for the second missing car.

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