Dublin neighbors at odds over territorial geese


Baby geese and adult geese share Dublin's Amador Lake Apartment complex with the humans who live here.

"I have no particular quarrel with the geese whatsoever. Quite honestly they charm the place right up. The little goslings are adorable," says resident Varun Prasad.

However, there are 40 or 50 adult geese who also roam the 45-acre property and they can be not so adorable.

A female has put her nest on top of the carport outside cancer patient Danna Rouf's unit.

"I think the male is trying to protect the female," says Rouf. "Being a cancer patient, I don't have a lot of strength right now. I was down in the fetal position and went to protect my face and head, it flew inches above my head, landed, came back around, and chased me again."

She and other residents with similar stories went to the property manager and he decided the geese would be removed on Monday, until residents who love the geese mobilized to stop him.

"There's got to be ways, we don't have to kill them. There's got to be ways we can live together," says Kendra Peterson.

The property manager declined ABC7's request for an on-camera interview, but told us he is obligated to protect the residents who feel threatened and that he's working with the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife to take appropriate measures.

"If it's true, then sure, go ahead and take care of the hostile ones, but even hunters don't kill mommas," says Prasad.

The manager says the plan never was to kill the geese, who are protected by the Migratory Bird Act, but he's postponed taking any action until hearing all of the concerns.

In the meantime, residents like Rouf are considering becoming migratory themselves and not renewing their lease.

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