Create high fashion out of old fabric


By: Barbara Beccio, Apeksha Ambaram, Leanna Liu, Stephanie Stayer
Description: Piecing together many wool jackets, pants, rope and other embellishments, this coat plays with the geometric shapes and Egyptian colors of the Tutankhamun exhibit to make "Tutan-not-khommon." A piece of wearable art in its truest form!

Materials: wool jackets, pants, velveteen and brocade ropes, red wool, gold braids, lace, beads, buttons, velvet & glitz fabrics, beaded appliqués, dyes

"Tulle Bolero"
By: Kevin Parcasio
Description: This bolero was created to accompany a vintage Chanel Tulle Skirt. Thanks to Ms. Christine Suppes and Chanel Rep Ms. Ciina Feng for donating the tulle skirt.

Materials: long black velvet skirt, black long sleeve smocked shirt, French silk tuile patterned silk, milled virgin wool, crystal button sewing needles, various jump rings

"Green Butterfly"
By: Coral Castillo
Description: Made from over fifty pieces of fabric sewn together, "Green Butterfly" was created as a knee-long tunic emphasizing the waist with an elastic belt.

Materials: 13 yards of fabric, 3 T-shirts, skirt

"The Chic NEW Trenchcoat"
By: Colleen Quen
Description: Made from recycled khaki pants, "The Chic NEW Trenchcoat" includes Quen's signature high collar and safari pocket flaps. The beautiful trenchcoat is detailed with Coffee Brown embossed leather and a wide contoured sash that ties at the hips.

Materials: khaki pants

"Gelassenheit : calmness, composure, placidity"
By: Saemee Youn
Description: Inspired by the systematic geometry of Amish quilts, the G e l a s s e n h e i t jacket uses piecework, symmetry, and minimal overlay to evoke a sence of composure and modern balance. Its slim-fit and clean lines were designed to make its wearer reach the peaceful harmony of her body and mind.

Materials: men's wool coat

"Discarded Forest"
By: Meghan Carozza
Description: Inspired by a suzani, Carozza created "Discarded Forest" - a bib necklace created from discarded pendants, chains, earrings, rings, and broaches. This necklace makes a fabulous statement piece when paired with a simple cut dress or stream-lined outfit.

Materials: discarded pendants, chains, earrings, rings, broaches

"Sock Cuff"
By: Lori Goldman
Description: Inspired by the quilters of Gee Bend, Alabama, this cuff was constructed from the toes of discarded socks and antique buttons. Their motto is to use anything off-hand to create both function and beauty.

Materials: recycled childrens' socks, old buttons

"Lace Cocktail Dress" By: Sweet P Description: Fashioned from a pair of yellow pants, yellow shirt, and scraps of lace, Sweet P created this lace cocktail dress - fit for the upcoming spring season.

Materials: lace, yellow pants, yellow shirt

"FIJI Water Dress"
By: Jay Nicolas Sario
Description: Inspired by the colors of the FIJI water bottle and the fluidity of the water itself, Sario's goal was to create movement and flow. Keeping with his distinctive design aesthetic, Sario incorporated palettes - made out of the FIJI water bottle - and interesting texture to create a feminine and sassy appeal.

Materials: FIJI water bottles

"The Sally Bag"
By: Raymond Gin
Description: "The 'Sally' Bag" has a simple exterior and a patterned interior, tying together Gin's love of leather, distace for size constraints, and peculiar sense of humor. This classic style was created for Princess Grace.

Materials: 1 brown suede shirt, 1 purple cropped mumu

"Inspire I & II"
By: Bianca Rosales
Description: Inspired by "Basket," Rosales used men's pants to create this pillow and frame. The lines and shape of "Basket" create the print design seen on the items.

Materials: Men's pants

Thursday, April 29, 2010
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