2 arrested after Chihuahua puppy held ransom

April 26, 2010 6:39:57 PM PDT
Police helped a woman in the Sacramento area get her Chihuahua back after they say her puppy was held for ransom by a dog-napper.

Britney Parkerton was at a gas station in Folsom Saturday night when her 7-month-old dog Roo snuck out of the car.

Parkerton's phone number is on Roo's collar and she soon got a phone call from a man who had picked up the dog in the parking lot.

He demanded money for Roo's return.

Britney called the Folsom Police Department and officers helped her set up a sting.

Officers arrested 31-year-old Adonison Gunther of Oakland and 21-year-old Marisa Jackson. They could face charges of extortion.