107 Cupertino teachers will be saved


It's fair to say teachers in Cupertino will get to keep their jobs. Parents have raised $1.7 million in just a few months. Their goal is to reach the $2 million mark. They're sure they'll get there.

Each family with kids in the district was asked to give $375.

"It was a very reasonable amount to ask and actually over 80 percent of district families have given more than that amount," says parent Julie Lin.

Local businesses also chipped in.

Besides the money raised by parents, district employees and teachers also agreed to take five furlough days which, of course, represents a pay cut.

"Which is almost an average of $2,000 out of their salary a year," says Dave Villafana from the Cupertino Teachers Association.

"We're more than willing to do what we need to do in this time of crisis and it won't be easy, but it definitely will be worth it," says teacher Liz Doogan.

Worth it because she knows close to half of the furlough money will go to keep class sizes small.

The rest of the money saved as a result of the furlough days will go to keep other positions such as librarians, counselors and janitors.

"The two things combined have really helped us put together a school year next year that looks like we are going to be able to give our kids everything they deserve," says school board president Josephine Lucky.

Still, school districts across the state are already thinking about next year's budget cuts if the economy doesn't improve.

The superintendent, Phil Quon, says Sacramento cannot afford to make any more cuts.

"You need to bring and raise more revenues so that this state can get back to where it needs to be," says Quon.

Still, for parents and students it was a tough lesson on how to fight for what they believe in.

"Banding together and taking individual action, anything is possible and we get to teach that to our children and that is priceless," says Lin.

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