Reflecting on the perfect game


Braden was dealing in Sunday's in his perfect game with six strikeouts, no walks, and he got plenty of help from his teammates.

"[Kevin] Kouzmanoff again stole my thunder, by making sweet plays over by the dugout," said Braden said referring to his amazing catch that lead to the dugout.

Braden has never pitched more than seven in a third innings in his career, so when he took the field in the ninth he started to feel the pressure.

"Running out and hearing everybody yelling, that's pretty cool. Never thrown a complete game before so that's what they were yelling about so I thought until I realized what was going on," said Braden.

Landon Powell caught his first perfect game, which was special, as he and Braden were both drafted by the A's in 2004.

"He's had a lot of things happen to him in his life and even in the last couple of years, he's had some unlucky things in the game of baseball, so it couldn't happen to a better person," said Powell.

Braden was raised by his grandmother in Stockton, where he still lives, after his mother died of cancer when he was in high school.

His grandmother Peggy Lindsey was at Sunday's game, which made it even more special.

"The first thing I thought of is how proud his mom would be," said Lindsey.

"With my grandma in the stands, it makes it a lot better, and then to be able to give her this today, it's perfect," said Braden.

Perfect indeed. There were 12,000 fans that were there on Sunday that will be able to talk about this for years to come.

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