Take the Bay Area 'no phone zone'

About the No Phone Zone Pledge:

The idea came from a caller who called while she was driving while talking on the phone and doing her make up. They were so worried about her, they called and asked if she should take the No Phone Zone pledge.

She originally said no on the phone, but then e-mailed them an hour later saying she heard about the terrible things that have happened to people and now she promised to take the pledge. Lots of people called and were very supportive.

They are going to hold a No Phone Zone Day in the Bay Area very soon.

For more information, visit movin997.radio.com

About Greg and Fernando:

Fernando and Greg in the morning is a San Francisco based morning radio program featuring the first openly gay duo to host a morning broadcast on American commercial radio.

The show is comprised of hosts Fernando Ventura and Greg Sherrell and features producer Jason Dahlstadt as a third and straight voice on the show.

The comedy duo have been paired on the air in some fashion since March of 2005, when Ventura became the first morning show host at new dance station Energy 92.7/KNGY-FM.

Sherrell initially joined the show as a once a week "call in" contributor as "Greg the Gay Sportscaster" hosting the Sassy Sports segment, which later become a show benchmark.

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