Residents fed up over neighborhood eyesore


It is the nuisance that just won't go away for those who live near it in Concord.

"I think it's awful, it's just horrible and it brings down the values of homes in the neighborhood," said neighbor Victoria Ancona. "It's just terrible, every time I walk by it's really an eyesore."

It was bad enough before at 4101 Nulty Drive, but now that the fence has fallen down aain, neighbors say they have seen enough.

"More than enough, and the people that have gone through that house, living there," said neighbor Paul Miller.

"It kind of brings down neighborhood," said neighbor Linda Gelber.

It is a potpourri of hazardous junk -- everything from old toys, to discarded appliances, a dilapidated bullet-riddled RV, a shed full of old paint and other substances, old furniture and piles of garbage, with lots of broken glass in between.

"It is dangerous and this is the main walkway for kids walking home from school, little kids even," said neighbor Bambi Yeley-Miller.

A year ago, the city ordered the then-owner to repair the fence and clean up the property. That worked for a while, but the house went into foreclosure six months ago, and now it is vacant.

At this point, it is not really clear whose job it is to clean up all the junk. The city says it has done everything it can and now it is up to the owner, Aurora Loan Services in Colorado.

"We've told the bank that has ownership that they have 72 hours to resecure the property," said Jim Forsberg, Concord Community Development director.

A spokesperson for Aurora told ABC7 by telephone that she could not immediately answer our questions about the property.

Fornsberg believes it is up to the bank to clean up the property, and adds, "We hope they're watching this television program."

If Aurora does not do its part, the city will, and send the company a bill.

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