Stanford students win prestigious film award


Kevin Gordon and Rebekah Meredith are co-directors of the documentary called "Dreams Awake," or "Sueña Despierto" about a Mexican immigrant who works as a janitor in an art museum, and is a labor activist and poet.

"We were immediately captivated by his poetry and also by the space of the art museum and knew we had elements for a really compelling film," Gordon said.

"It speaks to the experience a lot of individuals in our community whose stories often go unnoticed," Meredith said.

This seven-minute documentary is the first time Kevin and Rebekah worked together. They believe the collaboration has made for a better film.

"It starts with something we're passionate about and that we are willing to spend time on completing film and from there we start to think about how to tell the story visually," Meredith said.

Nine documentaries were submitted in the student competition. Their film is one of three that will get academy medals and money. They're hoping it will lead to bigger things.

"Hope to get accepted and the right people see the film and eventually it can open up opportunities for screening on-air and things like that," Meredith said.

"We hope people come away with a new perspective and maybe a new attitude toward the people who are working around them every day," Gordon said.

The 37th annual Student Awards will be presented on June 12. Past winner have included Pixar's John Lasseter and Peter Docter and director Robert Zemeckis. It's pretty prestigious company to join.

"I'm just crossing my fingers that I'll be able to make it work and pay the bills. But I have to try," Meredith said.

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