Rally held to remember Tiananmen Square Massacre


Conde Fung says he is one of the former student leaders still wanted by the Chinese government for leading the protests at Tiananmen Square 21 years ago.

Fung wanted to deliver a letter, asking that he be given a public trial unlike other protest leaders who were tried in close court.

"What I want is a very simple thing: an open trial. If you claim I'm a criminal, I was wanted and I am wanted, so just give me an open trial. Very simple," he said.

Fung was in Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989. Protestors from across the country had been at the huge government complex for weeks, calling for democratic reform.

One estimate had the crowd at more than 100,000. The government sent troops and militia to clear the square and surrounding streets, and protestors say it was a massacre.

The bloody confrontations resulted in mass arrests and protestors claim executions of their leaders.

Zheng Fang was also in the crowd that day.

"On the morning of June 4, I was in Tiananmen Square and was running away on the street and the tank went after me and then crushed my legs," he said through a translator.

Fang, whose legs were amputated, also tried to deliver his letter to the consulate. He wants compensation for his injuries.

They were told by U.S. State Department agents blocking the door that the consulate would not let them in or accept their letters, and the consul general also did not return ABC7's calls as well.

The confrontation ended peacefully and the demonstrators moved to Portsmouth Square where they placed a wreath at a replica of the goddess of Democracy Statue -- a symbol of the struggle for human rights in china.

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