Street painting festival comes to San Rafael


Chalk markings on downtown San Rafael streets will be transformed into brilliant bright paintings.

"It's a great introduction into color concept. But it is forgiving; you can make a mistake and go over it. Call it artistic license," artist David Two Hawk Glazier said.

Glazier is depicting air in the centerpiece which will show the elements.

"When I go, I just use my drawing. And I start tracing with a stick, a very fancy thing I have here. But it works pretty well because it's really hard to get a perspective when you're on the ground and doing something," artist Lucie Duclos said.

Bruno is from Italy and he is one of more than 300 artists will be working this weekend and the concept of madonnari, or street painting, began in Italy in

"It started 400 or 500 years ago in Italy. It used to be celebrations in front of churches and every city had an event every year about something," festival founder Sue Carlomagno said.

The festival benefits youth in arts which brings art education into North Bay classrooms.

"Mentorship in artistry is critical and what this shows is a creativity and imagination and how critical that it is to teach art to young folks. That's why we put master artists right next to a student so they can work, talk, and learn from each other," Youth In Arts Executive Director Miko Lee said.

Hopefully it will create a lasting art legacy.

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