World-renowned film festival opens in SF

About Frameline 34:

Frameline 34 supports filmmakers and the LGBT community through the Frameline Generations Filmmaker Workshop, which brings youth and elders together to write, shoot and edit their own films to tell their own stories.

About K.C. Price:

K. C. Price is the recently appointed Executive Director of Frameline. Prior to his new position, K.C. was for five years the Managing Director of the Ninth Street Independent Film Center, a media arts facility in San Francisco that is home to Frameline and seven other film arts groups that are national leaders in the field.

He has been working in the nonprofit arts sector for more than a decade, and the emphasis of his media arts career has been managing and raising funds for film arts organizations and developing new media programs.

In his position at Ninth Street, K.C. was responsible for the program development, administration, and fundraising goals for the South of Market media arts center. K.C. has also served on numerous grants panels and consulted for arts organizations.

A native of North Carolina, he holds a Master of Arts degree from George Washington University where he was a Fellow of the University's Graduate School of Arts.

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