Hot gadget gifts for Father's Day

Products featured in the segment:

GoPro Camera:

If the Dad in your life loves gadgets but also loves to be outdoors - this is for him. Everybody has an activity that they are passionate about and GoPro is the best way to capture and record your passion.

  • The GoPro HERO shoots in 1080p to record the highest quality HD video as well as 720p at 60 frames per second for ultra smooth slow motion video plus it captures 5 megapixel still photos in one shot or time lapse mode.

  • The GoPro HERO is small and light, smaller than your fist and weighing less than your phone.

  • The GoPro HERO is durable, its polycarbonate housing protects it from all that you and mother nature can throw at it.

  • The GoPro HERO's wide variety of mounts and accessories creates numerous ways for the camera to be attached onto just about anything.
So whether Dad is wearing it as helmet camera while mountain biking on Mt. Tam, attaching it to his boat while sailing through the Bay or just simply wanting a waterproof camera for dad and the kids to play with at the pool - GoPro's small size and durability makes it the perfect camera to capture all of Dad's outdoor pursuits.

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Sony Dash:

  • Sony's DASH is available this week at major consumer electronics retailers, Sony Style stores and online for around $200.

  • It is a wireless touch screen device that delivers real-time Internet content to any room in your home and office. Immediate, personalized content is PUSHED to you. [NOTE: One of the best examples of real-time Internet is for tracking business and market information. In fact, CNBC's apps are named "CNBC Real-Time".]

  • Perfect for anyone who accesses the Internet on a daily basis-- DASH connects to the Internet through your home wireless network, and saves time by providing your information and entertainment at a glance. [NOTE: Our research indicates that people logon to their computer an average of 12 times a day. With DASH, your personalized content is constantly refreshed, so you never have to spend time searching… updates and information are automatically pushed to you.

  • Research suggests that DASH™ strongly appeals to consumers who own both PCs and smart phones. DASH™ fills the void between the two devices by ensuring that content is automatically delivered to you.

  • There is no data plan or monthly subscription fee required, and more than 1,000 apps are provided free of charge. DASH allows you to access available apps and online media content, such as Internet radio and photos, simultaneously. [App library includes content and services from such partners as CNBC, Martha Stewart , Epicurious, the New York Times, Twitter, Facebook, and more]

  • Beyond providing your personalized Internet world at a glance, DASH streams movies, TV shows, and even music videos, on demand. This rich video content comes from providers including Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sony Music Entertainment, Amazon, YouTube and Netflix.
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