Environmentalists challenge landfill expansion


The Potrero Hills Landfill sits adjacent to the environmentally sensitive Suisun Marsh in Solano County. Its owners want to quadruple its capacity to accommodate waste 35 years into the future.

Solano County supervisors signed off on the plan, but environmentalists appealed to the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission. They claim the dump has the potential to damage the marsh and its inhabitants.

"Now they want to expand in this very sensitive valley -- we have endangered species, we have a bunch of species of concern… 14 or 15 different species that are losing populations around the country and in California," said Arthur Feinstein with the Sustainability, Parks, Recycling & Wildlife Legal Defense Fund.

"Our performance operating criteria is second to none, our compliance record is excellent, and like I said before, 25 year of experience, we've never had a documented release at the site," said Waste Connections district manager Jim Dunbar.

Dozens of Bay Area communities ship their waste to the site. A final decision is expected in August.

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