One man's quest for sport-based schooling

Event information:

Join us on the Golden Gate Bridge for the final push on Monday, June 28, 10:00 a.m. at North Vista Point.

All along the way, you waved, cheered, brought your kids by, and gave bottles of water as Joel kirsch, president of the non-profit "American Sports Institute," prostrated and push-uped his way one body length at a time from one end of Marin to the other.

Now, you're invited to join Joel and others for the final push to the Marin/San Francisco border at the north tower on the Golden Gate Bridge. Walk, jog, push the stroller or do the prostrations and push-ups with Joel!

Be a part of the movement to transform our public schools by integrating the principles and practices that work in sport culture and wellness into the total learning experience of every schoolchild in Marin, America and around the world.

Support the creation of The Arete School of Sport Culture and Wellness in Marin that will serve as a model for schools everywhere. Come out and join us on the Golden Gate Bridge!

We started in northern Marin on Highway 101 now you can join us on the golden gate bridge for the final push.

We Can Do This!
American Sports Institute
Phone: 415-383-5750

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