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About CURLS:
CURLS can now be purchased at Target stores. CURLS Exclusively for Target contains certified organic ingredients and has zero sulfates, parabens, mineral , and petroleum oils. Made for the budget conscious curly, new formulations and packaging make CURLS Exclusively for Target affordable to all with prices starting at just $7.99.
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About Mahisha Dellinger, Creator of CURLS™
Mahisha Dellinger, founder and CEO of CURLS™, is transforming curly girls everywhere! Referred to as a "modern-day C.J. Walker", in 2003 Mahisha created a line of hair care products that provide the perfect blend of lightweight conditioning and frizz-free hold, while also being organic and eco-friendly. Recognizing the universal need for curly hair products, Mahisha quickly expanded the CURLS™ collection by introducing an organic haircare line for children, Curly Q's, and in 2008, an organic haircare line for babies, It's a Curl.

As a multi-ethnic woman who wore her curly hair natural, Mahisha was no stranger to the frustrations that came from trying to find that "holy grail" product that would make her hair beautiful and manageable. Products were either too heavy, too greasy, or didn't provide enough hold to define her curls and leave them bouncy and full of life. It got to the point where she was forced to buy multiple products and mix them in order to create the perfect balance for her hair. Noting the growth of the multi-ethnic population, Mahisha realized that there was an under-served market of women like her who were desperate to discover viable solutions to address their hair care needs. Mahisha decided to take her curls into her own hands. Not only did she set out to create a line that made curl care easy, she wanted a line that was organic and free of all the chemicals typically found in gels and creams.

Mahisha enlisted the help of an expert chemist and worked tirelessly to formulate CURLS™, the first comprehensive line of organic hair products designed specifically for multi-ethnic hair. After CURLS™ launched and gained worldwide popularity, Mahisha noticed that her customer base spanned the gamut of nationalities. She was getting orders from multi-ethnic women like herself as well as Caucasians, African Americans, Latinas, Asians and more. It was then that Mahisha realized that when it came to curly hair, ALL women sought the same thing: curls that are healthy, frizz-free, defined, and effortlessly fabulous! And now with the creation of CURLS™, Mahisha was proud to be able to deliver such a product line.

Continuously adding new products to the CURLS™ line, tweaking existing formulas, adding new ingredients, and switching up the packaging every now and then, Mahisha is aware of the importance of keeping her brand fresh and her formula up to date with the latest ingredients and curl secrets. Being an organic company has always been the foundation of CURLS™ and on April 1st 2010, Mahisha unveiled her latest endeavor: the 4 Steps Sustainability CURLS™ Campaign. Through a series of company and grassroots initiatives, CURLS™ will take the concept of being green to a whole new level through educating everyone from customers, salons, retail vendors, and members of the CURLS™ team on little things they can do that make a big difference for the environment.

Mahisha is a native of Sacramento, California and attended California State University. Upon graduating, she joined Intel Corporation and worked as a marketing manager for several years before leaving to start CURLS™. Mahisha is a wife and mother of three of children. Her love of children and her passion for her business inspired her to merge the two. CURLS™ works closely with adoption agencies across the nation through donating products and hosting seminars for new families who adopted across racial lines and seek knowledge on their children's curls. These seminars not only promote awareness and education, but also foster bonding between newly formed families and give memories that last a lifetime.

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