The menopause makeover 8-step plan

The solution for managing menopause

Step #1: Health/Hormones: Understanding your treatment options

  1. Health concerns need to be addressed at mid-life.
  2. Track your symptoms.
  3. Work with your healthcare provide on treatment options. There are hormonal and non-hormonal options available.
Step #2. Nutrition: How food can set you free

Proper nutrition can change your health profile. 25% of your day's calories should consist of healthy fats, 35% of low-fat lean protein, and 40% of low to medium glycemic cabs. Eat 3 meals and 2-3 snacks a day.

Benefits of low to medium GI - good for the whole family!

  1. Stabilize blood sugar
  2. Control hunger urges
  3. Lowers risk of getting type 2 diabetes
  4. Lowers your risk of getting heart disease
  5. Most LGI are lower in calories and fat
  6. Loaded with nutrients and fiber
  7. Can help you lose weight
Eat brown rice over white rice, whole grain bread over white bread, and a yam over a potato. Eating lean protein creates the Thermic Effect. It take more energy to process protein burning more calories.

Step #3. Fitness: Your fountain of youth

Flexibility Exercises: 5-10 minutes, most days of the week.

Strength Training: 2-3 days a week.

Cardiovascular workout: 20-30 minutes most days of the week.

As your body begins to age your metabolism starts to slow - you must exercise most days of the week and reduce your calorie intake.

Step #4: Beauty: Customizing your beauty routine

Hormones play an important role in your skin. Almost 30% of skin collagen is lost during the first 5 years after menopause. We start seeing the effects of aging. It is time to update your skincare routine (moisturizer, exfoliation, sunscreen).

Beauty Tips

  • Weekly exfoliation
  • Update moisturizer
  • Wear sunscreen daily
  • Use anti-aging products with retinoid and antioxidant ingredients
  • Update your makeup
  • Get a new hairstyle
  • Throw out old clothes, and find a new flattering style
  • Purchase a new bra that fits properly
  • Pamper your hands, feet, neck and body
  • Keep hydrated
  • Maintain a healthy weight - when you look good you feel good
Step #5: Emotions: Getting off the emotional roller coaster

Strategies to manage irritability and crankiness for good.

  1. Call in the troops, get support.
  2. If you start feeling a surge of out-of-control emotions - stop, breath, count to 10 - take a time out for yourself.
  3. Discuss your hormonal changes with your doctor.
  4. If your emotions are related to relationships or lifestyle concerns schedule an appt with a psychotherapist.
Step #6: Relationships: Get that sizzle back

According to the recent Divorce Study conducted by AARP, 60% of divorces are initiated by women in their 40s, 50s, 60s -- the menopause years.

Tips for HIM

  • Listen to her - don't critize or try to fix her
  • Go with the flow - be prepared for mood swings
  • Validate her experience - don't fight it, acknowledge her experience
  • Kick up romance
  • Support healthy eating and exercise - join her
  • Talk about YOUR feelings too
  • Seek counseling if the relationship needs attention
  • Communicate
  • If all else fails - hide for a while
Tips for HER
  • Manage your menopause
  • If you notice changes in the love department discuss with your partner and your healthcare provider - there are solutions
  • Manage menopause as a team - a supported women has a better transition.
  • The menopause transition can actually reignite your relationship and bring it to a new level of love.
Step #7: Spirituality: What you believe can change your experience
  • Find balance
  • Nurture your spirituality
  • Expand your mind
  • Travel
  • Go back to school
  • Start a diary focusing on what you FEEL
  • Join a support group
  • Choose to spend time with those you share a healthy relationship
Step #8: Happiness: How to be happy during "the change"
  • Be grateful for the good things in your life
  • Practice forgiveness
  • Focus on being happy and positive
  • Happiness is a choice
About the book:
Every women of a certain age knows the misery of menopause--the hot flashes, the mood swings, the weight gain. But for award-winning television producer Staness Jonekos, the onset of menopause was the rudest of awakenings. At 47, just four months away from marrying for the first time, and in the throes of planning her dream wedding, Jonekos slammed head-on into menopause and realized that if she didn't do something quick, the honeymoon would be over before it even started. Taking a page from her own highly efficient wedding planner, she decided to create a personal menopause planner in order to keep track and take charge of the changes she was experiencing. THE MENOPAUSE MAKEOVER was born.

THE MENOPAUSE MAKEOVER: The Ultimate Guide to Taking Control of Your Health and Beauty during Menopause, written with Wendy Klein, M.D., is an innovative, user-friendly sourcebook that offers a woman all the information she needs to design a personal plan for navigating the rough waters of menopause and transforming her life in just three months. Jonekos' eight-step, 12-week program allows women to sift through the mountain of information and misinformation to reclaim the health and beauty and feel better than ever before.
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About the authors:
Staness Jonekos is an advocate for women's health, wellness and empowerment. She was one of the original executive producers who launched the television network Oxygen Media, cofounded by Oprah Winfrey. Staness delivered five series and cocreated Oxygen Media's "Be Fearless" campaign to empower women. Staness co-executive produced the premiere season of VH1's Celebrity Fit Club and postproduced Lifetime's Speaking of Women's Health. She earned a Cindy Award for her role producing and directing an anti-smoking PSA for the State of California. Jonekos is president and founder of Krystal Productions, an award-winning film and video production company based in Los Angeles.

Wendy Klein, M.D. is a pioneer and national leader in women's health provided all of the medical expertise in THE MENOPAUSE MAKEOVER. She's aboard certified in Internal Medicine, and an Associate Professor Emeritus of Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine. She co-founded the Women's Health Center at Stony Point and created the Women's Health Residency Program at VCU, lauded as one of the best such programs in the country.

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