RNC chair pledges big bucks to support Fiorina


Steele was in San Francisco Thursday morning, talking about California politics and the money it will take to win in November.

Show me the money, but of course he wouldn't -- to ABC7 anyway. The question is will he show Fiorina the money? The two are scheduled to sit down together on Friday.

Steele told reporters financial help for GOP candidates is coming.

"We're going to be in play here, big time in California, big time," said Steele.

Just what "big time" means he wouldn't say, except it'll be significant.

When asked if he could put a dollar figure on what he meant by significant, he said, "A lot. A lot. No, we're going to be here, we have a lot of opportunity guys to work hard, we've got great candidates in Carly and certainly Meg," said Steele.

Across town, Fiorina seemed confident that enough money will be there for her campaign.

"We are very confident that we will be able to raise the money necessary to run a great campaign and to win," said Fiorina.

But as of Thursday, Fiorina is trailing Boxer in fundraising by almost two to one -- $16.3 million to $7.3 million.

Fiorina is campaigning on her Silicon Valley experience by saying, "Well you know, I managed HP though the worst technology recession in 25 years. I'm very proud of my record at HP."

However, in terms of raising money from Silicon Valley, Fiorina trails Boxer by a wide margin. Boxer's raised five times more money from high tech sources.

ABC7's political analyst Bruce Cain, Ph.D., says Fiornia's lack of support from Silicon Valley is understandable.

"She made a decision, during that primary, that she was going to run as a traditional Republican and the traditional Republican strength is not in the Silicon Valley," says Cain.

Cain says unless Fiorina is willing to spend a lot of her own money, she's going to need help and Steele can certainly supply a big chuck of that from the national Republican party.

"You're working this money thing," said Steele to ABC7. And when ABC7 pointed out that he was the guy holding the purse strings, Steele said, "That's right and I'm not going to give you a number right now because we're making investments on a regular basis with the state party."

Steele said any number would only be a momentary snap shot. And it is also not likely the chairman would be willing to reveal his party's spending strategy.

"I'm not going to give you guys all my strategies here, I want you to stay tuned for a little bit," says Steele.

So stay tuned and believe the RNC financial help when you see it. There are a lot of states, besides California, where you get a much bigger bang for your campaign buck.

For Fiorina, she does have a lot of her own money, but to gain ground against a better known incumbent, our political analyst believes Fiorina should be outspending Boxer.

Spending enough just to keep pace, generally plays to the incumbent's advantage.

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