San Ramon student injured in fall from dorm


A San Ramon high school student was seriously injured last week after falling more than three stories from a dormitory building on the campus of Saint Mary's College in Moraga, where he was attending a football camp with his team, a San Ramon Valley Unified School District spokesman said.

Ryan McNeely, who just finished his freshman year at California High School, broke both of his arms and legs in the fall, district spokesman Terry Koehne said.

The incident occurred Thursday night at Augustine Hall, Saint Mary's College spokeswoman Elizabeth Smith said.

McNeely was with a group of students who were out of their room past curfew, Koehne said. In an attempt to get back into their room undetected, they tried to lower McNeely from a fourth-floor window to a third-floor window directly below so he could get into the room and unlock the door.

The group tried to use a TV coaxial cable, but when they began to lower McNeely, the cable snapped and he fell to the ground.

"Fortunately there were no head or spinal injuries, and no internal injuries," Koehne said.

McNeely has undergone several surgeries, and Koehne said he did not know if the injuries would cause temporary or permanent damage.

District officials are working with California High School officials to determine whether disciplinary actions will be taken against any of the students.

The district has been working with the college's campus police to interview the students involved in the incident, Koehne said.

The four-day football camp ran from Thursday through Sunday and was optional for the school's junior varsity and varsity football teams, he said.

The man listed as the camp's director on a flyer posted on the California High School football team's website, Eddie Ford, was not immediately available for comment.

A Facebook group called "Get Better Ryan McNeely" had 343 members as of this afternoon.

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