Toyota finds surprising reason for woman's problem

ABC7 reported about what happened to Zahra Emani on Monday night.

She was driving her 2002 highlander through Los Altos when the engine started revving uncontrollably.

Toyota technicians say a tool, commonly used during oil changes, had been left behind and it was interfering with the throttle operation.

Someone from a repair shop not associated with Toyota left the tool.

Toyota commended Emani for knowing what to do.

"Knowing to put the vehicle in neutral when she found that she was having difficulty controlling the vehicle otherwise with pressing the brakes, that was absolutely the most correct thing she could have done. And if anybody can take anything out of this experience and to share, this is exactly what you do in this situation," said Toyota field technician Kuyen Yip.

Emani says she is satisfied with how Toyota has handled things.

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