Whitman, Brown trade insults over large homes

Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown trade insults over whose house is bigger and more ostentatious.

July 1, 2010 12:00:00 AM PDT
In the California governor's race, there is a new squabble between Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown over whose home is more ostentatious.

Republican and billionaire Meg Whitman is criticizing Democrat Jerry Brown for living in this $1.8 million home in the Oakland Hills.

She says that's hardly the home for a candidate who claims to be fiscally frugal.

On KGO Radio Thursday, Brown defended himself, and invited Whitman for a visit.

"It's my dream house. My wife found it and after saving my entire life, this is something we can afford. And by the way, if Meg would like to come by I'd be glad to serve her a cup of tea and we can talk about our next debate," said Brown.

Brown also fired back at Whitman, saying that what he called her Atherton compound makes his home look like a treehouse.

Whitman's campaign spokeswoman responded by saying quote, "Meg will pass on governor Brown's gracious invitation to visit his Oakland Hills mansion."