What's inside your makeup bag?

Essential makeup bag items:

  • Eye shadow
  • Eyeliner
  • Eyebrow pencil or shadow
  • Lipstick
  • Bronzer
  • Foundation
Common tips and tricks:


  • Choose powder or liquid. Use liquid if your skin is on the dry side and use powder if it's oily.

  • Fingers are the best for applying foundation because a sponge eats the product and people use them too long. Use foundation brushes when doing it on someone else, but otherwise your fingers work great.

  • If your eyelids are red, definitely cover it. You can do a tap of foundation on the lid, or use an eyelid base that matches your skin tone.
  • Eyebrows are very important for women because it brings attention to your eyes. It really frames your face.

  • Use a pencil if you don't really have much hair on your eyebrows. It's great to fill in your eyebrows with a pencil. Use a mascara applicator brush to give you hair like strokes.

  • If you have great brows--like no light hair-- use a shadow instead. You want to fill in in-between the hairs and give a really tailored beautiful shaped eyebrow.

  • The perfect tool to apply shadow is the angled brush. It follows the arch of the eyebrow, follows the line of the eyebrow.
  • Use a lip brush or finger to apply lipstick. You can make your lipstick look lighter by using a lip brush.
  • Apply in between the lashes instead of on top of the lashes. Use an eyeliner pencil with a twist off instead of one you have to sharpen, because you can get the shavings in the eye, plus it can get too pointy where you can stab yourself in the eye.

  • A nice waterproof twist off is recommended, where you can clean off everyday right in between the lash line.
Eye shadow
  • Use a palette, it has everything you need. It has your base color, your contour color, your smudgy sexy color that you would use on your outer eye, and you have your fun color, that you would actually just use on the lid.

  • Apply to neck, on that little white flap that we tend to get, and jaw line.

  • Get a professional make-up lesson. It's money well spent rather than buying 20 products that probably don't work. You can lighten your load a lot by getting some professional help.
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