Tips for making the perfect burger

Grilling tips featured in the segment:

  1. Start by using only the freshest, highest quality USDA certified ground beef: Do not 'season' the meat ahead of time.

  2. Gently hand form the burger meat into patties: Careful to form them tight enough to keep the meat together on the grill; however, not packed too tightly to avoid the burger getting tough and dry - use your thumb to create a slight 'dimple' in the middle of the burger to help it cook evenly throughout as it will naturally 'plump' in the middle during the cooking process

  3. Prep your grill with a light brushing of Canola Oil and ensure the temperature is as evenly dispersed as possible: Try to avoid 'Hot Spots' where flames can occur and cause a burger to cook too fast and dry out

  4. Organize your grill in a manner that allows your burger to cook in a seasoned, hot section to adequately sear the meat so it can form a nice crust: Then move or flip your burger to a 'new' section of the grill to finish it

  5. Now is the time to 'season' your burger: Right before you take it off the grill or add cheese-to ensure optimum flavor (you can use Salt and Pepper or any of your favorite Seasonings or Spices to suit your specific taste profile)

  6. Place your cheese on the burger while it is on the grill: However, not too early as the cheese should melt just enough to 'relax' and soften to where the corners dip down as the burger will continue to 'cook' even after taking it off the grill

  7. For a toasted bun: You can brush it lightly with Olive Oil or Butter and place it directly on the grill to help create a thin, cracker crust exterior while maintaining a warm, soft and moist interior
The Cheesecake Factory recently debuted six new hamburgers topped with ingredients so glamorous they must simply be called Glamburgers. They include:
  • MEMPHIS BURGER - Topped with Slow Roasted B.B.Q. Pork, Melted Cheddar and Cole Slaw - which represents the smoky flavors of the South

  • MONTEREY CHEESEBURGER - Avocado, Melted Jack Cheese, Arugula and Red Onion with Honey-Mustard Mayonnaise highlights Coastal California ingredients.

  • SMOKEHOUSE B.B.Q. BURGER - Smoked Bacon and Melted Cheddar with Crispy Onion Rings and B.B.Q. Ranch Sauce showcases the bold flavors found in Texas

  • SONOMA BURGER - Herbed Goat Cheese, Mushrooms, Oven-Roasted Tomatoes, Arugula and Red Onion, which embodies the character of the California Wine Country

  • BLUE CHEESE B.L.T. BURGER - Crispy Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion and Mayonnaise with Lots of Blue Cheese offers a taste of the artisan cheese makers in Southern Oregon

  • GREEN CHILE CHEESEBURGER - Spicy Fire-Roasted Green Chiles and Onions with Crispy Tortilla Strips, Melted Cheese, Tomato Salsa and Chipotle Mayo, features the flavors of New Mexico
After receiving nearly 30,000 Glamburger contest submissions and more than 63,000 votes, America has chosen the Wild Mushroom Burger as the winning Glamburger creation in The Cheesecake Factory's "Great Glamburger Challenge."

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