Look your best on the big day

5 tips to body contentment on your big day:
By Signe Darpinian

  1. Bask in the joy of the wedding dress hunt: Try them on with friends you've known since grade school and enjoy every part of the process, not just the finished product.

  2. Remember to eat with real hunger: Respond to the body's actual physical cues when reaching for food, and not emotional ones, so it's easier to avoid undereating or overeating (Bridehungry=Bridebitchy!).

  3. Ignore the scale: My theory: the more you weigh, the more you'll weigh (besides, scrutiny breeds dissatisfaction).

  4. Direct your thoughts with positive affirmations: Envision how good you will feel about your body image on the big day, because the subconscious is a straight shooter-so whatever you wrap your energy around will become reality.

    Engage in regular activities that ground you: Find creative outlets, go to yoga, schedule a massage, etc. so you can stay balance and are less likely to use food for managing anxiety.
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About Signe Darpinian:

Signe is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with a Certificate in Eating Disorders. She is the Founder & Executive Director of My Weigh, which is the San Francisco Bay Area's first facility specialized in mindful and intuitive eating. The programs are geared toward women and teens looking for solutions to the host of everyday challenges with food/weight/body image.

Signe holds an M.A. in Counseling Psychology from San Francisco's John F. Kennedy University, and a B.A. in Psychology from University of the Pacific in Stockton California.

She has been recognized by various northern California organizations for her work in women's health and business, while also serving as a speaker at renowned institutions such as Stanford University's School of Medicine and world-famous Rancho La Puerta Spa in Mexico.

Signe was recently featured in Psychology Today and several Bay Area publications like the The Monthly and East Bay Express. She's made multiple guest appearances on area TV and radio shows including ABC7's "The View from the Bay".

With her deep dedication to providing the best services available using this non-diet approach, Signe regularly attends both national and global symposiums where she gathers with the world's leading experts in her field.

Her greatest joy as a therapist is witnessing the natural unfolding process that clients experience as they disintegrate their judgmental stance around food and uncover deeper, actionable insights behind it all.

When not busy decoding fat thoughts with others, Signe blogs on related issues in the news at www.myweighfamilytherapy.com and is working on publishing her first book. Out of the office, she craves clever greeting card discoveries, offbeat indie film and her next overhead smash on the tennis court.

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