Lessons from a shark attack

Lessons discussed in the segment:

Relationships are most important:
Friends, family, and our community… That's what helped us most. Appreciate others, reinforce the relationships in your life.

At times of crisis, families and friends pull together to help one another:
We became a closer family because of our experience. Helping others, you become stronger too.

Determination can overcome unimaginable obstacles and challenges:
Ours is a story of success, survival, and inspiration. Your success will inspire others.

Life is fragile and each day is precious:
Everything can change in an instant. Treasure each day and every moment with those you love. Each day holds joy, celebrate it.

Support others. Be there. Show up:
Do something nice for someone today. When you offer kindness to someone in need, that kindness multiplies.

Sharks are majestic and mysterious creatures, rarely seen:
Sharks and the ocean need our protection too.

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About the book:

It was the final day of summer, 1998, when 16-year-old surfer Jonathan Kathrein paddled out on his board for one last ride at Stinson Beach, in the area known as the Red Triangle.

When the great white shark struck, it so decimated the boy's hip and leg that his survival was considered miraculous. From this vicious and terrifying attack and from the lengthy and painful post-surgical rehabilitation that followed, comes Margaret Kathrein's moving and deeply inspirational memoir, Far From Shore: A Mother's Memoir of a Shark Attack.

This book is more than a narration on survival and courage; it is a reminder of the importance of a close and encouraging family, and how the love and support of family and community can sustain us through unrelenting pain and fear. This is also a memorable insight into how one boy faced the possibility of death and grew to be an extraordinary man.

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