Sheriffs say suspected pot grower raised gun at them

July 22, 2010 10:47:51 PM PDT
Santa Clara County sheriffs say a suspected pot grower raised a gun at them before they shot and killed him.

It happened in rural Santa Clara County Wednesday morning while armed deputies conducted a marijuana raid.

They were confronted by a man who appeared to be guarding the pot farm. They say he raised his gun, so to defend themselves they fired.

"The suspect briefly went down and lost control of his riffle, however, he began to move toward the weapon and again regained control of the riffle, at which point out deputies fire the second round of shots striking the suspect," said Sheriff's Sgt. Rick Sung.

Police have not yet identified the dead man They say this was one of the largest pot farms they've seen in years worth an estimated $60 to $80 million.