Oscar Grant's mom discusses verdict on radio


Wanda Johnson appeared on KPFA FM in Berkeley Saturday. She also spoke with callers during Saturday morning's Gospel Experience show.

"I think it was a healing process for me as well as those who were under the sound of my voice being also getting a healing process. I think to face what I faced and what the callers faced is tragic," said Johnson.

Grant's family also hopes to see rallies take place in Oakland and across the country on October 23 -- to push for the strongest sentence possible for Mehserle. It could range from probation to several years in prison.

"For us as a community to come together, to join hands and to believe and trust that the system will work. It will be a sad day if a sentence comes back of just probation. We do not see that, we do not believe that," said Grant's uncle Cephus Johnson.

Mehserle's sentencing will take place on November 5. He remains in the Los Angeles county jail after being convicted of involuntary manslaughter earlier this month.

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