Firefighters contain two fires in Solano County


Firefighters beat back the flames and the fires were both contained. One of them started near a PG&E substation. The other was along I-80 between Vacaville and Dixon.

If the fire had just a more few seconds, it could have really been a disaster. The fire destroyed a few outhouses and it came very close to homes. One house that was next to a destroyed shed suffered some heat damage as its siding melted. The inside of the house was OK. Inside the house was a 76-year-old woman who was alone and asleep. She got out because a neighbor ran up to help her. That neighbor was also helping the firefighters.

"He saw the flames so he rushed up here and hopped the fences and went inside with somebody else. I guess he had to force the door open because she wouldn't answer. They ran inside and woke her up and got her and the dogs out," said Solano County resident Michael Carline.

That family is still looking for a cat. They also lost a few cars in the fire, but overall they are counting their blessings.

A total of 25 acres burned. Firefighters said it was a challenging fire because it was in a rural location without a lot of fire hydrants. It was also a hot day with a slight breeze.

All of the residents are OK. One firefighter was hurt; he suffered from smoke inhalation and heat exhaustion.

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