Parents on edge after pipe bombs found in Concord


"We feel safe. We're just here to play soccer," said a parent.

But this wasn't a normal game day after three pipe bombs were found in Newhall Community Park this week.

"It kind of made us a little nervous to come to this soccer tournament. We got our family aside and told them what's going on and to be aware of their surroundings, but we are still a little apprehensive," said soccer parent Derrick Kualapai.

After all, on Friday afternoon, the park was completely shut down as 25 officers along with the Walnut Creek bomb squad and five explosive sniffing canines combed all the acreage for more pipe bombs. One was found Friday by a jogger along a trail bordering Turtle Creek Road. Two other pipe bombs had been discovered on Wednesday.

"The opinion we got from the experts at Walnut Creek police department is that they were constructed consistent with being a pipe bomb and to determine whether or not they were an actual pipebomb -- those substances have to be taken to a lab and analyzed," said Concord Police Corp. Darryl Holcombe.

The bombs were detonated on the sidelines of a soccer field -- the crater has since been filled in with dirt. By Friday night, police were confident there were no more bombs.

"Extra patrols were requested. When our dayshift units came on, they made frequent patrols through this area and that will continue throughout the weekend," said Holcombe.

Parents and players were told to not pick up items that didn't belong to them.

"There was one item that was reported was an unattended backpack. So the police were called and they looked at it and determined it was a homeless person's belongings," said parent volunteer Kathy Marsh.

Police say there have no suspects right now and as the investigation continues, parents say planting the bombs in the park was a cowardly act.

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