Police arrest 17-year-old for murder at job interview


Police are not releasing the girl's name because of her age, but she is accused of committing the murders with 21-year-old Isaiah Washington of Oakland who is also in custody.

The victims' families are shocked that a 17-year-old girl is accused of committing the murders. The families and the police say the victims did not know their killers. The boys were killed in their own neighborhood as they were almost home on their way back from a party.

The victims' friends say they'll never forget the boys and even spray painted their names on the ground at the spot where they were shot.

18-year-olds Carlos Buenrostro and Rafael Avila had been best friends since they were little boys. They were so close, their families decided to bury them next to each other.

"Both of them are really good kids and it's been really, really hard. These last months have been devastating. It's been very hard for the whole family," said Elba Preciado, Buenrostro's aunt.

The families say they feel a little relief now that police have arrested two people for the murders.

Police believe 21-year-old Isaiah Washington and a 17-year-old girl killed the two teenagers during a robbery. Police didn't release her name or picture because she is a minor.

"Just the thought of a 17-year-old killing somebody else is really sad for that person. We're sad for that person, but we're also very sad for what happened to our kids because they were just kids," said Preciado.

The murders happened in the victims' Hayward neighborhood at 1 a.m. on Mother's Day, May 9. Police say the victims were robbed and then shot execution style by the 17-year-old girl.

"All indications are that both these young men were complying and doing what they were told to do by these robbers and for whatever the reason, they felt it necessary to open fire on them as they lay on the ground defenseless," said Hayward Police Capt. Darryl McAllister.

The victims had just graduated high school and hoped to go to college. Their families feel strongly about what should happen to the suspects.

"She said she would like them to suffer the way her son suffered. She would like them to either get life in prison or even death if that's the case," said Preciado.

Police have had the two suspects in mind since the killings. In fact, they have had Washington in custody since it happened on a parole violation, but they wanted to wait and build their case.

Since the police also didn't know where the 17-year-old girl was for quite some time, they figured out she had a job interview on Thursday. That's when they showed up at her interview and arrested her.

Police say the two suspects are not involved in gangs and they don't know the motives behind the killings, but they say the suspects had a relationship for a while. Police don't know much about the girl other than she dropped out of school years ago.

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