Woman began sexually assaulting teens in 2008


Police were contacted on July 27 about the alleged assaults which date back to 2008 after a parent allegedly found a nude photo of Hubbs on their son's cell phone. Search warrants were obtained and Hubbs' personal computer and phones were seized, revealing her ongoing relationships with the teenagers.

"The investigation revealed that all of these families are Livermore residents and they all know each other for the past several years," said Lt. Matt Sarsfield. "Obviously, the victims, being 15-years-old now, were very scared about what the results were. We have a protocol in Alameda County dealing with young children who are sexual assault victims. We bring professionals in and interview them separately with the professionals there. Both the statements, being done separately, being corroborated with her motive, was how she would befriend these children, and they're very very truthful, and we believe them."

Police believe the assaults began when the victims were 13-years-old, back in 2008, and continued until recently, with Hubbs have sex with the boys in her car and hotels. Police say Hubbs used her cell phone to transmit messages and nude photos to the boys who say she gave them money and gifts.

Livermore police have not been able to talk to Hubbs, except through her attorney, because she obtained a lawyer before she was arrested. She has not been making any comments.

Police do not believe there are any more victims other than the two young men. Hubbs is being held in Santa Rita on $4.3 million bail

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