Outside Lands festival causes traffic mess


The polo fields at Golden Gate Park filled up quickly with Outside Lands concertgoers on Saturday morning. While the mood was festive, outside the park in the Sunset and Richmond districts, traffic slowed to a crawl especially on Fulton and Lincoln Way.

Many of these cars filled with ticket holders are trying to find parking in already car congested neighborhoods.

"We've had people asking us if they can park in your driveways all day long. Unfortunately, you will get towed in this neighborhood if you park in somebody's driveway, so it's a problem," Richmond District resident Marissa Chavarria said.

Other residents say the crowds which are expected to top 100 people this weekend really aren't that big a deal.

"It's not as noisy, not as many people driving up and down the street. this is probably three times the amount of traffic we get on a normal weekend," Richmond District resident Elliot Gittleman said.

James Connor says the increase in traffic isn't a problem. In fact, its helped his garage sale.

"Everything is fairly calm, traffic has been pretty good. No problems here," he said.

Many of the attendees apparently got the message that parking was going to be tough. One taxi after another dropped off people on the way to the park and Muni busses were filled to overflowing.

Muni increased its service by rescheduling its drivers to coincide with the crowds, especially after the concert lets out tonight.

"We know we are going to have to add extra service after the concert so that's what we will do," Muni spokesperson Paul Rose said.

That's good news for Chavarria. She says last year Muni service after the concert was too slow.

"After the concert, everybody is really stuck waiting for public transportation. What happens is all the concert goers hanging out inside your hallway drinking beer. It's a nuisance actually," she said.

Promoters are said they are going to be good neighbors, have two tow tracks ready to tow cars that parks illegally. The festival continues tomorrow.

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