Man stabs dog at Fort Funston


A woman told authorities she was walking her American bulldog, named Lenny, on the main trail when she was approached by a man walking a pit bull.

The two dogs confronted each other, but when the woman asked the man if he could grab his dog, he pulled out a knife and stabbed her dog four times.

Lenny was rushed to a pet emergency room after the attack and underwent surgery where his spleen was removed, his liver was patched up, and veterinarians fixed some arteries that were damaged. Lenny is now recovering after the several hours of surgery he had to undergo.

Police say the suspect is a frequent visitor to the park. His pit bull is named Denali and is light tan and cream with a white chest.

The suspect may be a white male in his early 30s, 5'7" to 5'9", and might drive a dark colored SUV -- possibly a dark green GMC Denali. Some say he may not return to Fort Funston, but may try to go to other local dog parks.

The public is urged not to confront the suspect, but rather to call the police immediately.

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