Fremont police officer shot in East Oakland


Bullet casings mark the spot where two Fremont police officers engaged in a shootout with a wanted felon. It happened on Auseon Avenue in where the officers came to serve a search warrant on a known gang member.

They say the man they were looking for started shooting at them when they spotted him walking down the street.

Police are looking for 20-year-old Andrew Barrientos. He is 5 feet 7 inches tall,and heavyset at 240 pounds. He also has "Decoto" tattooed on the back of his neck and "Decoto Gangster" tattooed on his forearms.

"We are going to be here all night, we are working with other agencies, Alameda County, Fremont and Oakland PD and we're here to locate the suspect before he hurts anybody else," Oakland Police Department Spokesperson Ofc. Jeff Thomason said.

Police say Barrientos was intent on leaving the area as quickly as possible. They say he ran a few blocks and attempted to carjack the driver of an Acura. Barrientos reportedly shot at the car but the driver managed to get away. Police say Barrientos then ran to the Arrrwa One Stop Market where he carjacked the driver of a green Mazda 626 with a California licence plate of 4MJE548.

An employee says cameras caught it all on tape, which has since been turned over to investigators.

The officer is out of surgery but he is still in critical condition in the ICU. Doctors say he was shot in the groin area.

Fremont police officers refuse to leave one of their own. As night falls, their cars remain outside the hospital.

Doctors are doing everything they can.

"He's required surgery, will require more surgery, I would urge the public to donate blood, we've had to transfuse him extensively," Dr. Javid Sadjadi said.

The officer joined the Fremont Police Department six years ago after spending 15 years at the Newark Police Department. The officer is with the South Alameda County Major Crimes Task Force. He was serving a warrant for the DEA when he was shot.

"This task force deals with the most dangerous folks, the drug dealers, the gangsters and they're in tough neighborhoods, so it's even more dangerous," Fremont Police Det. Bill Veteran said.

The last time a Fremont police officer was shot was more than 20 years ago.

Anyone who sees Barrientos is encouraged to call Oakland Police.

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