Poll puts Boxer, Fiorina in tie for Senate seat


ABC7's political analyst says Fiorina could peel away support from the usually Democratic Jewish vote if she can capitalize on dissatisfaction with the Obama administration.

"For the people that are passionately pro-Israeli, the Obama administration hasn't lived up to the expectations that they've had," Bruce Cain said.

Fiorina returned from Israel Tuesday, only to face criticism from Jewish leaders back home. A small group of Jewish leaders in Los Angeles are demanding that Fiorina apologize to Israel.

"She has not yet apologized for this, she has not yet come clean on this," Ron Galperin of the LA Jewish Federation said.

The complaint is that while Fiorina was CEO of HP, the company, through a outside distributor, sold printers to Iran in violation of the U.S. trade ban.

"To do business with the very people who want to wipe Israel off the face of the planet," Democrats for Israel spokesperson Andrew Lachman said.

Fiorina has been attacked on the issue from the left and the right. Tea party favorite Chuck DeVore brought it up during the primary.

"She exported hundreds of millions of dollars of high tech equipment to the Islamic Republic of Iran," DeVore said in May.

Fiorina tried to quell the issue in April.

"Guys look, HP has always followed the law, that particular charge is not only baseless and ridiculous it came out of a Democratic play book during the presidential election," she said at the time.

In fact, it came from a letter of inquiry from the Security and Exchange Commission, but Fiorina is correct that HP was never charged with any wrong doing.

But the law is one thing and politics is another.

"So I want to thank the rabbis, I don't know who they are, I just thank them for raising this issue," Boxer said.

But Cain says where this issue could matter is in a TV attack ad.

"For a small number of voters who make up their mind at the last minute and are really voting the person rather than the issues, this is something that if it's put in the right kind of ad could make a difference," he said.

And right now it appears a swing of even a small number of voters could be decisive, the race is that close.

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