Investigators find body in Hercules home


/*Ricardo Sales*/ was found murdered in the same home on August 28. Sales' son Frederick Sales has been missing since that time and authorities fear that he may also be a murder victim.

Investigators will not confirm the identity of the body or the cause of death.

/*Efren Valdemoro*/, who is suspected of killing Ricardo Sales, was killed last week by CHP officers following a pursuit. The body of Cindy Tran, Valdemoro's girlfriend, was found in Valdemoro's vehicle.

Valdemoro is also a person of interest in the murders of Marcaria Smart and Segundina Allen in Vallejo. The women's decaying bodies were found in Allen's home, where Allen's husband /*Charles Rittenhouse*/ was living at the time. Rittenhouse was arrested and jailed for having large amounts of explosives in the home but was released on Wednesday.

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