Two East Bay pipelines identified as risky


"We're looking forward to more precise information from PG&E about exactly where' it's located and the condition of the line. We want to know that preventative measures have been taken," Fremont Fire Chief Bruce Martin said.

Though the Associated Press reports that PG&E has a list of the top 100 high risk gas line, the utility won't release it.

Last year during a rate hike hearing in Sacramento, PG&E identified two lines that pose the highest risk in the Bay Area.

Number one is an eight-mile stretch of line 107 from Livermore to Sunol and the cost of replacement is at $35 million. The second is No. 131, a four-mile stretch through Fremont and a $13 million fix.

"The first thing is you have to decide what damage mechanism is life-limiting. It could be corrosion, it could be weld or it could be cracking by a fatigue. Having identified that damage mechanism, then the utility has to identify the likelihood of that happening. The second part of the equation is if it does happen, what are the consequences," Geoffrey Egan from Aptech Engineering said.

"We think it's important for PG&E to release not only the list, but the inspection reports" Mark Toney from the Utility Reform Network said.

Fremont's Mayor Bob Wasserman is frustrated, since he didn't hear about his town's high risk line from PG&E.

"They certainly knew more about the risks than we did, and yeah, if there was some risk, they should have let us know," he said.

Martin said that line No. 131 also crosses the Hayward Fault.

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